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Disney responded by casting her in a live-action segment. Stockman Australia Singing cowboys Transhumance. Five Centuries of Tradition. However, horses quickly multiplied in America and became crucial to the success of the Spanish and later settlers from other nations. The Keller, Texas teenager had an accelerated education following her graduation from home schooling in Deadly Dozen:

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Frontier Comrades:

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In Texas and surrounding areas, increased population required ranchers to fence off their individual lands. The dress of the rodeo cowboy is not very different from that of the working cowboy on his way to town. The Florida cowhunter or cracker cowboy tradition gradually assimilated to western cowboy tradition during the 20th century although the vaquero tradition has had little influence in Florida. In many cases, different ranchers formed "associations" and grazed their cattle together on the same range.

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In the United States, a few women also took on the tasks of ranching and learned the necessary skills, though the "cowgirl" discussed below did not become widely recognized or acknowledged until the close of the 19th century.

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