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By incorporating a gay male romance into other genres like sci-fi, spy intrigue, or sports, we can come up with all kinds of new tales to tell.

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During his life Lohiau was the lover of both the female Pele and male Paoa.

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Discrimination is particularly severe towards non-white trans women, who experience the intersection of racism and transphobia.

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Others include Joseph Beam, a Philadelphia writer and activist who sought to build a black gay community and give black gay men their own voice; Brother Grant-Michael Fitzgerald, who worked unsuccessfully for the inclusion of gays and lesbians in the Catholic Church; and James Tinney, a prominent expert on black Pentecostalism at Howard University, who was almost denied tenure and excommunicated from his church after coming out, and would go on to found his own church.

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Artists, with their bohemian style, were some of the first visitors of Provincetown.