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Schooling around them in the humid miasma is a surreal parade of tourists, protesters, delegates, sightseers, police -- and yes, publicly affectionate gay couples. A History of Cunt. And she did it all with the help of the oldest of her six adult children, John Schlafly, 53, her aide de camp, who is gay. He doesn't like to discuss his sexual orientation. Taft to be the party nominee for the presidential election.

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Inside the convention, where traditionalists clash with those promoting tolerance of other lifestyles, Republicans talking about the divided America need look no further than the Schlaflys.

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At 2004 convention, Schlafly makes her point on gay marriage — unabashedly

They vote for the party that offers the richer handouts. In other words, she acted very much like a liberated womanas opposed to staying in the kitchen and making a sandwich. She promoted her activities through her organization, the Eagle Forum. Patent and Trademark Office didn't agree and threw out her case don't expect Tom to get an invitation to Thanksgiving. Even though she has a gay son who has stood by her for decades, Schlafly has never been shy about voicing her opposition to LGBT rights.

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One frequently voiced criticism of Schlafly was that while she trumpeted to US women the delights of home-making and rearing children, she herself spent much of her time on the road or at her desk, in the full-time, if unofficial, job of being Phyllis Schlafly. Inshe wrote that "[arms control] will not stop Red aggression any more than disarming our local police will stop murdertheftand rape. On February 3,Schlafly announced that she would be voting for Rick Santorum in that year's Missouri Republican primary. Supreme Court" and said that it "is responsible for the killing of millions of unborn babies". Phyllis Schlafly died Sept. Gay marriage—well, so far so good. John Schlafly is a soft-spoken man with deep, expressive eyes, whose dark khakis and light cotton shirts rumple quickly in the New York heat.

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