Transgender tennis player

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This website uses cookies. Martina Navratilova sparks outrage in row about transgender athletes in women's sport. He excelled at sports, graduated from Yale, became a surgeon, married and had a son, Nick. The next year she made the decision to transition and underwent a surgery, announcing that her new name would be Balian. Richards remains a reluctant symbol. The Second Half of My Notorious Lifein which she expresses regret over the type of fame that came with her transsexuality — she said in that she did not regret undergoing the sex reassignment process in itself. Views Read View source View history.

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5 athletes who underwent gender reassignment

To get to her practice court, Richards slipped out a back window and down a fire escape. By 9, he had begun to dress himself that way. In a wooden racket used by her was donated to the National Museum of American Historywhich is part of the Smithsonian. He was surprised and delighted by the size of the turnout, and all the more so when Richards herself made a late decision to participate. Retrieved from " https: Martina Navratilova sparks outrage in row about transgender athletes in women's sport.

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She was relieved when he greeted her as if nothing had changed. Retrieved March 19, She challenged the Open era to live up to its very name by breaking through and making the game welcome to anyone. After impressing the members at her new club, Richards agreed to enter a tournament in nearby La Jolla. I do not wish to define anyone. Tennis had been at the heart of their relationship.

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