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But I remember this from waaaaay back. Far as I know, gay people won't approach you based on what side your nose ring is on. A Study of the Male BodyDesmond Morris explains that earrings have indicated wisdom and compassion in the stretched earlobes of the Buddha, while pirates wore them in the belief it would protect them from drowning. In the end the male earring lost its sexual significance altogether, and simply became a generalized way of annoying middle-aged, latter-day puritans. We accepted it as gospel and never questioned its validity.

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Back side.

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In the Western world, earrings, so long a purely female adornment, have recently been seen on increasing numbers of male ears. Images of genital modifications, including the pubic mound, male and female nipples. Quinn Myers is a staff writer at MEL.

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I know of 1 non-gay male who has one, and about 30 gay men who exclusively have that.

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