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When I finally conquered enough of my fear to act, they were the ones who found me a safe place to be, encouraged me to take action to protect yourself, advised me to protect my children and pets even though I did not have either and to take care of my finances. When I found it and read it, I got very angry. Rahav G, Baum N. In contrast with previous therapeutic experiences, this was identified as helpful and often other, unexplored issues, such as family relationship issues, abuses and anxiety were also explored. Thank u soo much for your advice. Stories of Women with Gay Husbands.

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Initially, meaning units or codes were identified by reviewing the transcripts, line-by-line open coding, noting thoughts next to the corresponding text, and writing a description of the experience focusing on emotions, phrases, places, metaphors, actions.

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There is very scant attention given to it in our society. Neither is wrong. The Bare Naked Truth.

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And at times, it is heroic.

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