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Our Office Locations We have many locations to get to you quickly! He was always prepared and organized for our weekly progress meetings. McLaughlin including all additions to the main structure of his home Parkwoodhis farm and barn near Tyrone, Ontario, his fishing camp now public called Wedgewood on the border of Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec as well as his private cottage on Gaspe Bay, New Brunswick. License requirements, examinations and fees all vary from state to state, but the primary focus is that the licensee has the necessary qualifications to ensure that the project is done in a safe fashion that abides by local laws. We have multiple craft that have experience in rigging all types of equipment, materials, piping, and structural steel.

Mike Bowles I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks toward one of your employees for several different reasons.

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What We Do

On Thursday, July 29th at 5: In an industry that is too often beset by underperformance and missed expectations, and where the customer is often secondary to self-interest and financial goals, it's truly a pleasure to work with an organization and team that are clearly committed Gay Mechanical Contractor Inc. Read More Steve Goyer. I have approved the invoice and W. While these tradesmen can all come together to perform work, a general contractor is necessary to verify their licensure, ensure the subcontractors get paid and adhere to their schedules.

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Gay, We had a full house with all rooms rented over a holiday week and our Eternal hot water system failed. Frank has been always been very responsive to our needs and has worked with us to find solutions to our problems. Mike Moore and Mr. Aaron has been highly professional in all our encounters. Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, and Clean Room W. Gay Mechanical established our quality assurance program to hold these ASME stamps more than three decades ago and we have used this expertise to provide tremendous value to our customers. We proved experienced, professional design, estimation, and construction on your project including Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, and Plumbing.