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He looked back nervously, but the blue Mustang was still tagging along beside him. Johnny let out a shaky breath. It'll get more serious within three — four chapters. I was planning to ditch school today. Big, black eyes You've got me cornered.

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Soda gave Ponyboy a look like Darry's too, and Pony wondered what the big fuss was about.

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Stay Gay, Ponyboy: On LGBT Interpretations and Author Twitter Battles

The beautiful teenager also wouldn't stop blabbering on about how happy he was that it was his birthday, and that he knew Soda and Darry got him a double chocolate cake his favoritealthough he shouldn't know. Wouldn't stop talking about it the whole drive to work," explained Soda, chuckling a bit. It also contains violence, sexual content and discussions of bestiality. Also last October, S. MrCadeWinston ask someone in the '60's how "cute" it was to be gay. Muahahaha, you'll all have to wait until next chapter to see if Ponyboy's problem escalates.

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Ponyboy flicked Soda's hand away. With his breath coming out in short gasps, he sat in the chair closest by him, not caring where he was sitting. He would die if that ever happened. We must surpass Evil King Darrel, who wishes to imprison you! I have been wanting to make one for a while and I finally did! She remains stuck there, for better or for worse.

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