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Stepping out of the stream I sat down and again lifted each leg high making sure all the water drained out then I closed the crotch zipper. I—I thought you thought I was good-looking. You absolutely cannot think of a name for yourself if your life depended on it. Another strap went around my balls and a third one went behind my scrotum and locked in place. When he finally pulled out and zipped closed my crotch I pleaded with him for the chance to cum, but he just told me to hang tight and enjoy the coming week. Sean had reached his final test. Him on top of me pressing me to the floor.

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I—I thought you thought I was good-looking.

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It was almost eerie. Sean felt the blood drain down to his feet. Click here to cancel reply. I would have to be careful with my balance as I struggled through that mud carrying the two pails of water another 30 pounds. He smiled again, and giggled softly as his fingers ran across the rubber.

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Zoned out for a second there. His name was gone. Sean was gay, Ed was straight. As I sat there cooling down in that spring I began to feel the water leaking into my suit through the rear zipper. With each wiggle, you could see the soft rubber surface of the purple boots rise a bit. With the very next blow, she hit my balls with an upstroke of her whip.

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