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I designed the main character for a comic im planning about gay werewolves! Grid View List View. Okay this time it's something kinda like a Werewolf Webcomic. Shae, talk to us a bit about your art direction and working on this series with GLAAD award winners Kate Leth who provides a special comic-within-the-comic and Grace Ellis. Thankfully the scene quickly ended with Simba meeting Timon and Pumba for the firsttime along with a hilarious little adventure they had before showing a now adult Simba and his father standing atop Pride Rock where Mufasa told Simba how proud he was of his son and would be stepping down as king, but first Simba would have to prove to the entire pride that he was now king by mounting and claiming his father. Also, it's SO easy to use fantasy elements as metaphors and to build themes. Then a few thousand years later the animal humans live like normal humans

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So read it only with 14 years atleast!

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Then you know already way to much http: As an information, most of the webcomics I share with you are not finished, won't continue or have even mature content in it, so I would say people under 14 shouldn't read them. Julie and Selena's relationship is at the heart of this story, so if you're into cute werewolves in love—and who among us isn't? I can say it now. I don't have an answer that's better.

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With Mufasa now still alive, the movie proceeded to show how Simba would have grown up if he had still grown up in Pride Rock, however by his teenage years the movie began to take another turn for the bizarre. Readers can look forward to Julie and Selena immediately, our lovely werewolf girls, as they explore their newfound relationship. Mufasa knelt with his tailed raised and his hole in full view before Simba mounted the former king and began to fuck him. So be warned for a lot of blood I guess http: The actual werewolf prince comic of the free comic I gave out at Denfur. I hope you like them. Shawn sighed and sat down on the couch next to his mother, who was already in her nightgown with a bowl of popcorn on the table in front of her, who smiled and started the movie.

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