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Has Serena ever enjoyed any lez action? Lo que tienes que saber" in Spanish. The tennis community rallied in support of NBA player Jason Collins announcing he was gay Tennis has a history of prominent players being out So far, however, that has been exclusively women As support poured in from the tennis community for NBA player Jason Collins' decision to come out Monday, another question cropped up. Yes, if we really like another player or hate a player, even irrationally so I can see how it gets "frustrating" but there are fans of a team that will lose and lose and lose and yet they always have hope. She would have to an extraordinary amount of good works with a great excuse for her hatred to earn the praise you're heaping on her. The picture that R posted of Wawrinka and Djokovic is quite sexual.

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Even today Henri Leconte claims to have had an affair with Gaby eventhough most says she's a lez.

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The Gays and Tennis, Part 5

I love Rafa, but suspect he's on the low side of average. The older brother is straight though, I'd say. He could easily stand to gain 10 to 20 lbs. Ryan Harrison you mean? Yeah but Nole paraded around in a wig and pretended to make love to his teammate. In searching for answers, players offered several possibilities for the lack of openly gay men and scarcity of publicly out women. So basically any woman who is friends with lesbians has to be gay herself?

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Pam, when are you going to stop pretending that you are straight? Federer I think is a bit more mature and smart. I agree about woman's tennis. Stacked, and fabulous legs. I can't stand Roddick's, but I have to admit he has a great ass, just like Rafa and Murray. He played horribly last night, embarrassing to watch really.

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