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But only 2 years later they declared bankruptcy again and this time were gone for good. I'll leave you with a cool song, thanks. Theoretically, at least, that would harden them, though maybe they have already been through that process? But there all apart. The final product, which could of course not be erased, meaning that only one take was available, was a standard 78 RPM record that could be played on any phonograph, such as that owned by the gentelman shown at the top of the ad. Skip to main content.

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I'm sure I'll have some questions

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The Wilcox-Gay Recordio: 1940 Home Recording

We offer a seven hour video set about our collection and the history of magnetic recording available at this link. Scanned from the Radio Retailing May page Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The discs themselves have surface checking but look like they will play with some special care. I should have the unit in a week or two and know more of what exactly I am looking at as far as restore goes But there all apart. Sold "as is" for Project Repair.

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I am currently growing my own crystals haha to refuel the cutter head. Hi I have 2 records that i found of my grandpas. The results will not be pretty. I have a sanding stone, and I have been able to resharpen the Recordio needles, by hand, using that stone. And the total thickness of the cutting medium, as measured vertically from the turntable, are crucial, too.

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