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Rossi's father went to college on the GI Bill and supported the family of nine on a public school teacher's salary. Lately, he's been filling up his social- media feed with the tale of his grandfather emigrating from Italy "around the turn of the 20th century," when all you had to do to legally immigrate to the United States—so long as you weren't Chinese—was sign your name on a piece of paper and prove you didn't have a "loathsome disease. He said in that he was told he could have won the race for Governor if he changed his position on abortion whatever exactly that position was. You can help secure Rossi's fourth agonizing, humiliating, totally fucking glorious defeat, a loss that will—fingers crossed—likely banish him from the world of politics forever. Posted by Touring November 27, Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events. But what can you do to help right now?

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Republican Dino Rossi sees a long-sought victory in the 8th Congressional District race

Rossi has opposed gay rights and a woman's right to choose for his entire career. In this race Dino can't avoid giving specific answers and taking actual positions on gay rights issues. Rossi has been using the "fiscal conservative with a social conscience" line since at least This is the last in a series of stories about the leading candidates for Congress in the 8th District. She also suggests you give money to the Democratic candidates.

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Rossi is a loser. And he is like the toughest one on steroids. It also happened to be the one bill during his time there that, if passed, could have led to a comprehensive abortion ban in this state. It's difficult to be precise because redistricting and annexation have changed precinct boundaries, but inRossi won approximately 30, more votes than Murray within the current boundaries of the district. Despite speaking almost no English, Silvino found gainful employment in the Black Diamond coal mines. In that controversial election, Rossi was twice declared the winner — and even set up a transition office — before the outcome was reversed on a third vote count. He opposed gay marriage in all of his statewide races.

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