Gay cowboy song lyrics

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Good one, Matthias. Piddle I mean Fiddle Solo Well, I wouldn't trade this job for condoms or mules I never was one of them women liking fools I'd rather use my fiddle for just charming males Well Duh, I'm a gay cowboy Yeah, City Folk asking could you "Macho Man" sing Tell these sad people, don't Village People scene Son, Oklahoma, is so much more serene Cause huns, I'm a gay cowboy Don't got me a fine fife, but I sure like to fiddle Culinary's top-notch crab cakes on the griddle Life's not living till you "come out" a little Well Gawd! However, some sources [3] [4] speculate about the potential success and reception of the song. CS1 maint: It went on a little too long, and the gags got a little repetitive in the process. Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other What did you think those saddles and boots was about?

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Read More Log in. There are gay rodeos, gay country western bars, and a gay shooting club which is called the Pink Pistols. Cowboys are famous for getting riled up about fairies, But I'll tell you the reason a big strong man gets so uptight:

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Guy with this one, Matthias.