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Actress Zoolander 2. All about the acting. Join HuffPost Plus. Matt Damon on gaining 30 pounds for The Informant: Harry and Meghan's son Archie looked adorable, from what you could see of him in the latest example of starry parents desperate to shield their children Bromancing the night away!

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Agree on how the media isn't calling them out for acting so strangly but they use the awkwardness to explain their behaviour when it's obvious drugs are the reason.

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When Robert bragged onstage about dipping his dick into Reese's peanut butter cup, one has to assume that during the actual filming of it, he had to call upon his method acting:. He kissed gay Taylor forehead, Rob is straight. You can do this!

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DouggSeven Oh, and the movie looks terrible and was already done.

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