Pdf gay boys in iran have psycological difficulty

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Retrievedfrom www. This configuration is in turn an effect of the marriage imperative see below that shapes particular notions of masculine and feminine performance within hetero- sexual relationships as well. Making Feminist Sense of International Politics. If such a man succumbs to his desires and penetrates another man in lieu of a woman, he is surely sinning but he is at least acting in accordance to his natural masculine desire for penetration. These reports ran from February 4,to January 5, Also, it is reported that in Iran, many LGBT individuals have found it difficult finding a trusted psychological service as there is no official trained therapist working with LGBT individuals in the country Yadegarfard et al.

Two of them stated that twice they had been arrested by the morality police or the Basij.

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We now turn to feminist constructivism to explain this point. From the 29 confirmed participants only 23 individuals turned up for the interview. I am happy on my own.

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Internalised oppression was another theme that was identified in the interviews.