What is gay spooning spoon

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JavaScript is required to view this site. Read them all so that you are better able to understand how spooning works in tandem. Here are some other considerations: This commonly is the bigger guy. Create an escape noise to signify and end to the spooning. Hi, Brian, Thanks for stopping by.

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If you are looking for more practical advice on how to increase the romance factor in your relationship, be sure to pick up a copy of the book:

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How to Spoon for Gay Men: Ultimate Cuddling Guide with Pictures!

The hugger is the big spoon. Head to Head Spoon. In many cases, the two of you will take on a cuddly fetal position. Gay Spoon Poll Just for fun, we are publishing a gay spoon poll for you to vote in. A somewhat recent study out of the UK reveals that straight college jocks really […].

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Spooning also might not work well for certain personality types who are unable to engage in intimacy see our gay men to avoid post. This intimate cuddling activity is allows you and that special someone in your life to snuggle in a way that exudes romance while also speaking to something very primal — safety and trust. Traditional Gay Spoon 2. Log in Sign up. Do your best to pretend you are asleep so that your partner assumes this was a natural, unintentional move. You can also do this one face to face.