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Men with their shirts off made me uneasy by the time I was in first grade. Some are out and proud while others are still in denial. An action figure of longtime lover Apollo can also be foundand at a much more reasonable price. Action figures don't only belong to the world of sci-fi and fantasy. The Hogwarts Headmaster has been created in many different toy forms, but the slickest may indeed be this Medicom Kubrick Albus Dumbledore.

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With great pride, I hereby present my top ten of actually gay action figures:

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OK, let's change gears. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Tune in later this week for the top ten list of figures and toys that really are based on gay characters or people. I asked for a Max Steel action figure when I was Dark Witch Willow action figure. Stephen Gately - Boyzone.

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Are those ruby red slippers he comes with? There's just too much molded plastic clothing going on to let these go in the main list, and this isn't a complete list of LGB action figures - but these guys were too interesting not to mention. Regardless, none of these should be taken too seriously. I would have loved to have seen some lesbian dolls added to the mix, and maybe a gay club playset. This sexually charged Doctor Who hero has spawned a legion of fans for John Barrowman, the openly gay actor that portrays him.

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