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LGBTrelationship success or failure is more about compatibility than age gaps. Latest News Poet Drew Pisarra. Yes, there are physical things that happen to us as we age getting out of bed in the morning takes way more work and hurts way more now than it used tobut our futures are just as wide open at 50 as they were at And I talk to Noah. Couples with an age gap may be subject to more scrutiny or experience these issues in different ways than couples of the same age. I find that, in trying to understand Noah, and to see the world from his perspective I get to experience life in a new way. However, for many, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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Navigating Relationship Age Gaps

I have a better sense of how to relax and enjoy it, and my sex roles are no longer wrapped up in some misguided sense of masculinity. Noah and I both like to travel. Relationships with differences in age can offer benefits to those ok with gap. Also, the way I approach sex is different. Be Part of Our Tribe! He has a dry sense of humor.

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You might be surprised. Someone we can grow with. I love what Cialis does to my dick, and in my opinion we both benefit from that. I like to talk, and Noah likes to listen. And clearly there are lots of sexy young guys out there who think older guys are hot. Click To Tweet For some LGBT couples, an age gap can be a hurdle to a successful partnership, while others embrace the age gap and view it as a benefit. There can be moments of frustration and disconnect in any relationship, and age gaps can worsen these issues and add several other elements into the equation:

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