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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When he told me I had to do major damage control. Later, he told us he was gay —and later still as nonbinary. After some soul-searching and many late-night talks with my husband, we decided to first tell the parents of his closest friends so they could be ready to answer any questions. Could he really know at this age? It's a lovely French film about a young boy who likes dressing up as a girl. I fervently wished there was someone with more experience—or, better yet, a degree in child psychology—who I could consult before responding.

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First off, I want to congratulate you and your husband for creating a gay-positive environment in your home.

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Chances are, high school will be even more of a minefield. Could he really know at this age? People are so cruel. I believe this is a sign of a normal, healthy, creative young mind. My 7 yr old son just told me the same.

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I certainly knew I liked girls that early in my life, and while I couldn't have given my sense of myself a name, I'm sure that was just because this was the late 60s and there wasn't so much open talk about gay people then. Trying to anticipate his sexuality is probably inadvisable; just give him the freedom to be himself. It was one of those epic parenting moments the handbook definitely does not cover. Of course I will love him and be proud of him no matter what sexual orientation he is, but I am afraid by discussing it with him, i am inadvertently making him feel like he has to choose right now. Eventually I was able to accept my bisexuality, but never to shake off the guilt and shame.

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