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You could say he did a lot to maintain the unit's morale. Find out how you can use this. He had the wisdom to know that it was all harmless fun and a useful relief from the stress of war". Private Dudley Cave nearly lost his life to help safeguard a democracy that continued to treat him and his fellow homosexuals as second class citizens. Yorick Smaal receives funding from the Australian Research Council for his current project on boys, sex and crime. This indiscreet behaviour led to rumours. Contrary to the later fears of the generals, during WW2 there was no evidence that homosexual soldiers undermined unit cohesion:

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Sex was easily available for those who wanted it.

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A Gay Soldier's Story

This feminine presentation is alien to contemporary queer cultures that valorise muscles and machismo. According to one telling by former advisor Anne Summers, Keating was eager to get in first with the reform after the election of Bill Clinton in the US. Three-quarters of Cave's comrades in 'H' force perished. Pregnancy and promiscuity loomed as even bigger threats in the minds of higher-ups. Some were hastily transferred to a new unit.

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Conscripted inaged 20 he joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps as a driver. Removed from familiar surrounds, social mores fell away. All of this caused consternation higher up the ranks. Sacrifice, courage and loyalty among fighting men build nations. Despite the gossip that he was a "nancy boy", Cave insisted that the worst homophobia he ever faced was being chided for "holding a broom like a woman".

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